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Parents & Spectators
•  Be knowledgeable of the rules, regulations, policies, and philosophies of Little League.
•  Are positive in any criticism of the program and are willing to volunteer their services to improve it.  Present their opinions and criticisms to officers of the league in a constructive manner.
•  Clearly understand the player evaluations and the method of player selection.
•  Demonstrate that they recognize the effort expended by the volunteer personnel by refraining from unsportsmanlike conduct and “grandstand” managing.
•  Realize that the umpire is closest to the play and that each umpire calls them as he or she sees them.  The umpire is a volunteer who has assumed a difficult but necessary role.
•  Recognize that Little Leaguers are children, not professional players, and need encouragement, not criticism.  Be supportive and encourage your son or daughter to demonstrate appropriate behavior at all times.
•  Hold your child accountable for their actions and help guide them in making proper decisions regarding drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
•  Be knowledgeable of individual team rules and expectations and address concerns regarding your child or your child’s program to the team manager.
•  Be supportive and adhere to State Laws prohibiting smoking on village and school grounds and buildings.  (Reeves Park).
•  Applaud good plays; ignore errors.  Encourage a greater effort, initiative and hustle.  Congratulate the winner and encourage the loser.  Enjoy the game for what it is.  If it isn’t fun…it isn’t Little League!
•  Appropriate concerns to discuss with team managers and coaches:
•  The treatment of your child, mentally and physically
•  Ways to help your child improve
•  Concerns about your child’s behavior.
•  Schedule meeting with the team manager and coaches to discuss concerns
•Issues not appropriate to discuss with coaches:
•  Playing time as it relates to other team members
•  Team strategy
•  Other teammates related to skills level
•  Should a need arise to discuss issues with the team manager and coaches, parents should avoid practice time or immediately following a game.  Parents are welcome to contact the team manager and coaches individually or through an appointment with the league commissioner.

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